Being Here!

Unanswered questions linger around my being daily; usually the “5 W’s” relating to this World’– being human. Well, a African-American human for that matter. I still don’t know why I am in this body, I would have chosen a much better, body for my soul to join with. But, with living for 21 years on Earth, I’ve come to appreciate so much about living. My belief is that we are souls on a Human Journey, a Human Experience. Embracing each and everyone for who they are, will take much more time than I expected. Maybe not in my life time, but somewhere down the road, this world has to become a better place for our children to grow up in.

I am shocked as to how little the world has changed. And with the above picture, I am not impressed with many of the people on this planet. I didn’t vote for Obama (Oh, shocker, I know), because Most (Let’s get real) were voting for him because he was an African-American. When did someone’s racial background become exceedingly important that all of his view didn’t matter but his skin color? Now, with the re-election coming up, I am seeing some more hateful things being said about our President. Again, regarding his race! When did someone’s race make them smart or stupid enough to not have a proper stance in the world? I don’t understand the concept as to “Re-Nig-ing”, it really doesn’t make any sense to me. When I think there is hope for just a split second, it’s gone in an instant. *Sigh*

My mom is constantly pushing me to go back to school because of this reason, with encouraging words like: “Don’t work at (Insert dead-end Retail Job here) forever.” “You are smarter than that!” “My Son needs to go to school.” I am going to go back to school, I want to prove the Nay-Sayers wrong, there is more to someone then just their skin color and their “destined” future in life. I am not one to put into a category of “Dumb” because of my skin color. I wasn’t even aware of Race, until I moved to Virginia.

“How can someone not be aware of Race?”

Well, I was and wasn’t fully aware of any one’s race, nor did I care. When I moved to Virginia, there was so much separation in the lunch room. The Lunch room is one of the defining moments in making friends (and finding someone to sit with). Many, many people sat with their “Own Kind”. All Asians at one table, all whites at another, blacks over there, and the mixed kids scattered throughout. Most of the Lunch Room experience had the most cordial students, according to which sport you played in the school, then everyone came together for a brief moment. I remember, around my Senior year, there was a Mix It Up Day, and by the name of if, I’m sure it’s obvious what the school board wanted all of the students to do.

Mix it up Day had to be one of THE most awkward moments in my High School Career. Having total strangers “Mix it Up” just to get free pizza…. Most of the Students were required to know everyone’s name at the lunch table they “Mixed it Up” at. And half couldn’t even name anyone at their table. I guess Pizza (Pepperoni for that matter) brings all races together. I never really noticed so much separation until “Mix it Up” day. Seems like we still have a long way to go.

California Experience

Being here in California, I have noticed a mixture of all different types of people. California is really a melting pot for all cultures. I have never tasted so many foreign delicacies, and never been so inspired to learn Korean, Mandarin, and even Arabic. My life is truly blessed for me to have experienced this wonderful place…minus the expensive housing, and the ridiculous L.A. traffic! Life is really about experience, no matter who you are. Even though I have yet to achieve the California Dream status, life is still grand!

I have also come to fully embrace my self, and honestly, and truly love who I am. And No Kirk Cameron, I am not a Monster here to destroy society. I wasn’t programmed to destroy the “institution” of marriage or whatever (Have you seen most of these Celebrities messy marriages?). I am a Happy Gay man! I am not a Murder, Rapist, Pedophile, Necrophiliac, or any of those horrible things. Comment’s like Kirk Cameron’s pushes more Gay youth to wanting to commit suicide. And I am here to tell you that doing that is Not OK! You are loved!! Do not cause harm to yourself because you are ashamed of your homosexuality. You are not an abomination! If God makes NO– Absolutely NO Mistakes, then you are not a mistake!

My 21 years of living here on earth, has taught me a whole lot about us Humans. But the one thing I find most fascinating is that we all want to be loved. Love is the best thing to give, and to have. No one wants to feel like an outsider, looking in. We all want to have the same things as Humans. We are no different from one another! We are not our Race, our Religion, or our Politics….we are more than that.


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Being Here!

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