June is LGBT month

June is LGBT pride month; being gay and black can be very difficult when your dealing with society, and also difficult when you’re trying to date because half of the men are “DL” or just don’t date “Blacks” or “Fems”. It doesn’t phase me because I know I am worth so much more than the negative labels people give me. Let me define who I am for you: Fabulous and breaking the stereotypical perceptions of what being Black and Gay are.

I hope to, one day, eliminate the boundaries when it comes to the perceptions of being Gay in America. With the help of my voice, my blog and my presence on earth, I want to enlighten many on the gay world. I would also love to have my own TV show where I can educate many, who are ignorant, on gay culture.

For now, with the help of my Blog and YouTube, I give others a chance to see more of what being gay is. Especially with being Black, there needs to be more of a Gay Black presence on YouTube and in Hollywood.

Universe: Allow my presence to be seen, heard, felt and known. I want to be a force, a force that brings positivity, love, hope and promise to others who don’t understand who they are, why they are here, and allow them to know self love is the best love. Please allow my Blog, My YouTube, and everything I touch, turn to gay, fabulous gold. Amen.

Ps. Thank you for blessing me with my gifts and talents.



June is LGBT month

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